Solar and Geothermal Resources

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are easily installed on your homes roof or mounted on pedestals on the ground if you have enough yard area. Solar panels are optimally mounted on roof areas that have a southerly aspect (northern hemisphere).  It is ok if your roof area is slightly to the east or even to the west.  There will be a reduction in the amount of energy/electricity generated when the optimal angle is not to be had, but unless you build your home especially for a solar array then you have to live with what you’ve got.  I have 32 panels on my roof and they generated 13,110 kWh of electricity last year.  Your installer can review what your usage is and propose an array that is suited to your home.

Rebates were more generous 4 years ago in Arizona, today APS and SRP offer very little if any.  The Feds and the State may still provide rebates.  Please log into your utility provider to find what rebates may be available. The good thing is that the cost of solar panels has dropped from four years ago.

Geothermal System

A geothermal system is a good option to your energy needs if most of your energy is spent on warming or cooling your home.  Our neighbors have a 3 story 2800 sq. ft. home and the system their installer recommended was a 3 hole (well or bore hole) that went down 270 feet.  Smaller homes may require only 2 holes. A geothermal system puts summer heat in the ground during the summer while cooling the house and then returns that heat into the house during the winter.

Rebates are more generous for geothermal than for solar at this time. To minimize your expenses related to natural energy sources, please investigate what is available before you choose any system.

Solar Installers – From a Google Inquiry

Solar installers Payson, AZ – PV Solar Panels and Solar Water

Solar installation technologies LLC in Payson, AZ

8 listings of Solar Energy Equipment and Systems-Dealers in Payson on

Payson Solar Installers Directory: Solar PV, Solar Hot Water

Apex Alternative Energy 47 E. Brown Rd. Star Valley, AZ 85541

and, Solar Express LLC

There are other firms and installers that will travel throughout the State to install your system.  When in doubt ask people you know who have solar about who they used and what type of experience they had.  Angies list also has a who is good and who you should avoid if you want to get into more detail.

Geothermal in the Payson Area

Climate Care 928-474-5033

Geothermal in Phoenix AZ

Geothermal Heating/Cooling Contractors

There aren’t many so I would advise that you check with locals you know who have a geothermal system to see what their experience was.  Installers often travel all over the State to install therefore finding one on the internet may be the best way to go.












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